TriForce Promotions have gone from humble beginnings to becoming the leading networking organisation of the entertainment industry, providing bespoke services centred around a core theme of inclusivity, NOT Exclusivity, facilitating a member base spanning far and wide.

Our events be they social, corporate or theatrical, have become renowned for their excellent atmosphere and for always being unique and striking. Be it a sitcom reading attended by 500 people; our writing competitions with the BBC or our social events attended regularly by the top industry movers, we strive to produce an environment where everyone feels comfortable to mingle and speak with everyone else, and where talent can have direct contact with those in the industry in a position to move the individual and their project forward.

The TriForce network now has over 12,000 members, spanning all demographics and levels of the media business. Traversing race, class or position and providing a link to all in the network from the bottom to the top, our network consists of casting directors such as Jeremy Zimmerman and Sara Hughes; actors like Sheridan Smith, Rafe Spall ans Eammon Walker; musicians including Goldie and Ed Sheeran; theatre practitioners such as Paulette Randall, Lorne Campbell and Phillip Hedley; executive producers including Micheal Jacob, Pete Thornton and of course writers like Noel Clarke and Brian Dooley… The list goes on, but most importantly- YOU!

Our projects are entirely suited to each individual and their project that we take on, with no project or organisation being too small or large, from individuals wanting to take their career to the next level or large organisations looking to engage with a wider audience using exciting launches and competitions, TriForce Promotions – Making People Happen.