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Each day, the Bitcoin currency is growing in utility and becoming more of a household name. Yesterday, major newswires including, Business Insider, CNN Money and MSN Money announced the birth of the, “First Bitcoin Baby.” The Bitcoin currency is successfully infiltrating numerous aspects of life.

Dr. C. Terence Lee established Fertility Care of Orange County in 1997. In 2012, while browsing the internet, Dr. Lee learned about the Bitcoin. As Dr. Lee bases his career around providing life-giving services, he is now also investing in a vibrant new digital, decentralized currency with much potential. Nine months ago, Dr. Lee offered a couple a 50% discount should they cover the costs of a frozen embryo transfer cycle with the Bitcoin currency. Dr. Lee’s transaction in BTC is to date the first payment for fertility treatments.

Prior to the birth of the first Bitcoin baby, Dr. Lee presented at the 2013 Bitcoin Conference in San Jose to address, “A Physician’s Experience with Bitcoin.” Dr. Lee touched upon the areas that are still open to the free market in the medical field. Currently, fertility clinics can still be operated in the free market space. Dr. Lee first transacted in Bitcoin in his business after posting an ad on Bitcoin Reddit offering a Male Fertility Test for payment in BTC. Since that first transaction, Dr. Lee has chosen to reach out to patients who normally would not transact in Bitcoin or have not heard about the currency to then encourage them to learn more about Bitcoin and further provide the opportunity for them to even pay for fertility treatments and consulting in BTC. Learn more about HYPIXEL SKYBLOCK BAZAAR

To the mainstream news media, Dr. Lee has forged the trail to not only accept payments for fertility consultation and treatment in the Bitcoin currency but also counsel individuals as how to use the digital, decentralized, cryptocurrency. Dr. Lee takes steps to guide patients to reliable Bitcoin exchanges and encourages couples to not only plan their future by starting a family but also through investing in Bitcoin. Bitcoin Magazine congratulates Dr. Lee on his accomplishments to date and encourages other medical professionals to follow suit.


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