Cybergambling Tip: Singapore Online Casino Sports Bettors Beware

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Attention sports bettors: Is your tipster giving you the right handicapping advice or is he leaving you out in the rain wearing nothing but a barrel around your waist? Wouldn’t you rather be wearing tailored suits and gold jewelry and driving a brand-new sports car?

Well, all you need to do is sign up to receive weekly sports picks from Las Vegas’s hottest sports handicapper. How does advice from a guru with a 74 percent winning percentage–plus a money-back guarantee–for just $50 a month sound?

Hopefully, you answered, “Like a load of crap!” And hopefully if you’re still reading, it’s simply to amuse yourself.

Okay, so the above example is a bit of an exaggeration. But it’s been fabricated to make a point: Online handicapping services are much less valuable then what they’re hyped to be.

Doing your homework and taking in the wisdom of sports betting experts makes good sense; purchasing picks from someone who claims to be “on fire,” “unstoppable” or “on the inside” is just foolish.

Before you put your money in the hands of someone who guarantees you winning picks, consider the following little nuggets of advice:

The world’s greatest handicappers are the Singapore Online Casino ones who make the lines. Therefore, your chances of winning either side of the bet are much closer to 50-50 then the guy who sells the picks will have you believe.

Never forget the law of averages. If you flip a coin 50 times, heads might show up 35 or 40 times, but if you keep flipping it, those numbers will eventually even out. Keep that in mind if when a sports betting guru gets “hot” and is hitting at a rate of 65 percent and higher.
So what if there are a few very astute sports betting experts who are actually better than those guys in Vegas who set the lines? It’s certainly not unfathomable. But, think about it… If you were good enough to consistently win at sports betting (yes, a few people are), would you waste your time and money setting up a web site or 1-900 line through which people could purchase your advice?

Don’t be taken by money-back guarantees. It’s a nice gesture and all, but, “We will refund your money if we don’t produce winners,” roughly translates to “Hey, sorry that you blew $50,000 using my crappy advice. If it’s any consolation, you can have the $100 you spent on my picks back. So, now you’re only out $45,900!”
Numbers can always be crunched in such a manner that the guru looks like a genius. Don’t be mesmerized by statements like “I’m hitting at 75 percent on inter-conference night games played on artificial turf between teams with losing records.”
Get the point? Sound advice is good, but there’s no such thing as guaranteed picks.

Instead of buying weekly picks, you might want to consider putting that $10, $50 or $100 a month on a hefty parlay or long-shot futures proposition. It would be much more worth your while.


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