Negreanu Returns with 50 More Tips in New Book

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Building on the success of his critically acclaimed “Hold’em Wisdom for All Players”, Daniel Negreanu has returned for a second round.

In the aptly named “More Hold’em Wisdom for All Players”, Kid situs slot deposit pulsa presents readers with 50 additional playing tips. As with the first volume, each bit of wisdom is presented in a clear, easy to understand fashion. Retailing for $14.95 US, you’d be hard pressed to find a better read for the money.

I admit that I sort of missed the boat on this book. It was released in 2008, but I’ve just now discovered it on the shelves at my local bookstore. His original book of wisdom was one of the formative influences on my young poker career, and the second dose promises to be just as enlightening.

So why bother bringing it to you now? Because I figured that if I managed to miss this book, you might have, too! And trust me, this is one book that you’ll want in your poker bookshelf. While the first “Wisdom” focused on more entry-level concepts, Negreanu tackles quite a few more advanced concepts in his second go-around.

These include some against-the-grain ideas, as presented in chapters like “Giving Away a Free Card”, “Dumbing it Down”, and “Selling a Poker Hand is Like Selling a Car.”

The book itself is broken into four sections: “Winning Tournaments with Smart Play”, “Playing Your Players, Your Position, and (Oh, Yes) Your Cards”, “Betting and Bluffing With No Fear”, and “What’s the Best Play? Using Poker Wisdom as Your Guide.” Each of these contain between 12 and 13 segments, all of which are informative and insightful.

Formerly winning players who have lost their way of late will especially enjoy the “Fancy Play Syndrome” section, found on page 80. According to Negreanu, Mike Caro was the first man to use FPS as a regular term describe players who have forgotten some of the basic lessons of the game, and are now being a little too cute for their own good. It’s an enlightening read, one that could put you back on the path to poker proficiency.

Bottom line: Whether you’re an aspiring pro or a veteran looking for a refresher, you owe it to yourself to pick up “More Hold’em Wisdom for All Players.”

Whether you’re looking to build a bankroll or stop a losing skid, there is no better way to gain free money than by entering into a few freerolls.

These no-buy-in contests have become staple offerings at most online poker sites. Players could, with a large amount of practice, probably pay many of their monthly bills simply by winning freerolls at Poker Stars or Full Tilt. There’s a lot of money out there to be had, if you can figure out how to get at it.

Toward that end, I’ve decided to discuss some ways in which freeroll tournaments present a challenge to your regular strategy. Because of the tournament’s free nature, many individuals will alter their style completely. This is something that an effective player must learn to combat and resist.

In freerolls, there will always be players who are simply there to gamble. Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of all-in bets with an unsuited ace and low kicker. This holds especially true in the low-end freerolls. Whatever you do, don’t lower your standards of play just because everyone around you is. King-deuce and Jack-seven are still bad hands, even in a no-buy-in tournament. Maintain a cool head, tighten up your game, ad strike when you have a real shot at winning.

Don’t play like a fool just because there’s none of your own money at stake. Often times, I see players make reckless, inexplicable calls when playing in freerolls. This is good for me, because the field thins out more quickly as a consequence. But if you’re in it to win, be sure to stick to your guns. Play smart, sound mechanical poker, and you should be able to reach the money.

On a different note, however, freerolls can also offer you a chance to practice some more advanced strategy. It gives students of the game an excellent opportunity to mix in a few creative plays they’ve been dying to try out. As always, be aware of your opponents’ tendencies before you try anything too funky. But don’t be afraid to polish some of the new tools in your arsenal.

Knowing what you’re playing for is a key ingredient in choosing the proper freeroll. Consider carefully just how much your time is worth. Will the thought of wining a $10 first prize be enough to hold your attention through an entire four hour tournament? If not, then you’re in the wrong place. You’ll probably make it halfway through, and then grow tired of the game. Sloppy play will follow, and soon you’ll be busted out with nothing to show for your wasted time.

Make sure that the prize is something you’re willing to wait on. Look especially for money added tournaments and guaranteed prize events. A $10 first prize may not hold your interest, but a $200 one certainly could.

In closing, it is possible to build a bankroll on nothing but freeroll tournaments. It’ll take a lot of work, but you’ll be a better player for it. Poker Stars and Full Tilt alone hand out thousands of dollars in free prizes every day. What have you got to lose by checking it out?


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