December 2, 2023

Providing people from all walks of life the opportunity of a wide-reaching and high calibre arena for their talents to be seen and for an audience to experience pieces they may never have access to: 3P’s and Half Baked aim to put interesting work in front of interesting people by developing productions from mind to main house…


3P’s takes scripts and develops them for a public reading with some of the industry’s best directors and actors at the helm.  This is where words go from page to stage as a vital part of the writer’s development process, providing them with what is often the first opportunity to hear their words spoken out loud. But of course, it’s TriForce, so we make sure that the readings happen in exciting venues, with an audience made up of our supportive network, including those who can take the project forward. We’ve worked with several different venues over the life of 3P’s, including Soho Theatre and the Lost Theatre, and most recently we’ve been working with the Young Vic.



Half Baked then takes these productions to the next level, placing productions into the main house to breathe before a wider audience, but this time, the productions are only one step away from completion: actors off-book, a set in place, lighting and sound, a step away from a fully realised production.

Plays that have been involved in the process include those of established writer’s including Brian Dooley and Noel Clarke’s first theatre production, as well as supporting the work of new writers such as Chizzy Akodolu and those heading in new directions, such as Executive Producer Michael Jacob. Our first project in 2013 was ‘Keepsake’ by Fraser Ayres, which was performed at the Young Vic and is currently being developed further with Dandy Associates for both theatre and radio.

We aim to select all performers from our wide-ranging network enabling new actors to be supported and surrounded by experienced professionals such as  Sheridan Smith, Goldie, Rafe Spall, Ellen Thomas, Jaye Griffiths , Mac McDonald , Alex Lanipekun  and Ameet Chana.

We take productions that are interesting, diverse and reflect the many hues of life. THAT is the true meaning of multicultural. It can be feminine, masculine, dark, hilarious, comedy or intense drama, black, purple or a million shades in between…but it has to SPEAK…