December 4, 2023

Facilitating the multitudes of talent and high positioned players of the entertainment industry, we have created an arena for everyone to expand their own personal network in a relaxed, conducive environment creating an event that let’s actors, casting directors, producers, directors etc. to “break the ice” and have contact in a stress-free and warm environment. “Welcome” is the place to have work and play all in one bite.

Ideally situated in the heart of the West- End at the Green Carnation on Greek Street. This venue has a sumptious décor and layout, providing the perfect comfortable surroundings whether you want to sit and talk or clean up the dance floor!

We also provide our very own resident photographer to make sure you get some beautiful memories of the night as well as raising the profile of our members, and all underscored by our fantastic DJ’s who don’t play sets…they play the crowd in the room, guaranteeing the perfect vibe

Find it difficult to start a conversation with someone you do not know, or feel they are too important to say “Hello” too? TriForce have created “Welcome” to ease that burden, creating a central social hub for everyone to meet, greet and make connections with each other, be it the heads of the industry or it’s talent base…there are NO strangers in TriForce.

And so Mr.E and Mr. Nice warmly welcome you to: “Welcome.