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Sat 17th August – 10am – Theatre Royal Stratford East

£35 Session I / £55 for Sessions I and II

Special Guest Tutor: Mark Rosenblatt, Associate Director of West Yorkshire Playhouse

Please email for more information and to book.

Spaces are incredibly limited so be sure to book quickly to avoid disappointment.

Ultimate Masterclasses are part of TriForce’s continued drive to promote and develop talent. These workshops are open to all those that audition for MonologueSlam UK; whether you are selected to perform at the Slam, or are still waiting for your chance, as we believe that EVERYONE should have the opportunity to grow.

Please be aware that these workshops are robust and are aimed at stretching you as performer by introducing you to new ideas and techniques.

There is no obligation to attend these workshops, but TriForce highly recommend them and they guarantee that you will learn something new – no matter the level you are coming to the workshops from.

These workshops allow you to work directly with the team behind TriForce, and as many of you know, they cast their own productions and readings directly from the TriForce Network. These workshops also enable them to meet you and see you at work.


ULTIMATE Masterclasses are led by Fraser Ayres aka Mr.E. Alongside being a Managing Director and Co-Founder of TriForce Promotions, Fraser has also been a prolific actor and director within the industry for over 15 years, developing a wide ranging and diverse skill set from numerous schools of performance.

*Please note: the Masterclass on Saturday 17th August will be led by our guest tutor, Mark Rosenblatt, Associate Director of West Yorkshire Playhouse and will follow a similar format to the regular Masterclass, focusing firmly on monologues.*

The workshops are broken into 2 sessions . You can choose to take Session I or for a real challenge, sign up for Session II as well!

Session I – 2 Hours

Aimed at all levels, beginners and 1-minute Round participants


  • Mind – Maintaining calm and focus – working with nerves and adrenaline
  • Voice – Utilising the Diaphragm, working with inflection and intention
  • Body Control – Posture, Core development & character physicality, advanced breathing
  • Easy memory and recall techniques and how to cover if it all goes wrong


  • How to tell a story – come across as you MEAN to, not as you THINK you do
  • The dynamics and mechanics of a good performance
  • Finding added depth in text – Quick routes to mining sub–text, making good “choices”
  • Projection with depth but without shouting, clarity without loss of intensity

Session II – 2 Hours

Aimed at Working/Advanced actors, 3-minute round participants or those seeking a REAL challenge


  • What an audience/judge/employee REALLY look for – And how to achieve it
  • Cultivating presence and making yourself unforgettable, finding your “niche”
  • Be your own critic – developing objectivity and elevating your performance through critical analysis
  • Performance clarity – learn to engage DIRECTLY with your audience, working with pitch/tone
  • 1-to-1 time with the Director and direct evaluation of your piece and YOU as an individual

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