Many institutions and schools claim to teach actors the skills they require to thrive but as many find, traditional training very rarely applies to your first day in the theatre or on set, or how to REALLY handle an audition, not to speak of the day-to-day realities of working in this increasingly tough industry.

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Ultimate Masterclasses are part of TriForce’s continued drive to promote and develop talent. These workshops are open to all those that audition for MonologueSlam UK; whether you are selected to perform at the Slam, or are still waiting for your chance, as we believe that EVERYONE should have the opportunity to grow.

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The time spent with Fraser was superb as he instantly made us feel relaxed and positive with his special way of channelling energy to remove inhibitions and allow the playfullness, instinct and subtlety to thrive.

I can honestly say I learnt more about how to make a character real from Fraser than I did in all my classes at drama college! Simply because he has sifted through all the techniques and approaches he has used through all of his work as an actor and clearly knows what works and what doesn’t, so having a master of his craft pass all this onto us was absolutely brilliant!

Most classes have a tutor that will make you understand the note on an intellectual level but bribing that into the physical is something else.

Fraser helped us get his notes on all levels. We all could see immediately the perfect blend of playing text and subtext to create unpredictable, exciting acting.

Simply put the Masterclasses work to engage the actor with the audience in truth. Truth that is raw, real and as in life multi- layered.

I am delighted I now know the way to approach and work on a piece to make the character truly breath.

Gemma Sealey – Actor & Masterclass Participant